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Bidborough Village Nursery School is privately owned and reopened in September 2015 under new ownership. It operates within the community village hall.

We seek to provide quality and consistency at our setting, so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind.

Your child’s well-being, enjoyment and happiness is important and our number one priority.  Every child in our care will feel secure, valued and listened to and will be encouraged to develop confidence and independence and to learn, as individuals, from each other or in small groups.

We will continue to invest in our Nursery, ensuring children will enjoy bright, well-resourced, stimulating and comfortable area.

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  • Our staff are well experienced and qualified
  • We have a quality outdoor play areas
  • We promote a welcoming, friendly atmosphere
  • We provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities
  • We have an open-door policy
  • Children's social and emotional development are comprehensively promoted
  • Parents/carers are extremely happy with the service they receive
  • We have excellent relationship with our parents/carers
  • We have built a strong relationship within our community

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